• Milpro Intestinal Worming 5kg 25kg
  • Milpro Intestinal Worming 5kg 25kg

Yearly supply of Milpro Heartworm prevention and intestinal worming for adult dogs weighing >25-50kg

Milpro is a broad spectrum intestinal worming tablet which helps protect dogs and cats against all major intestinal worms and heartworm if given once a month. It is an easy to give ovoid film coated tablet with a liver flavour. The tablets are highly palatable and may be hidden in food or accepted from the hand. Milpro has been proven to be safe and efficacious in treating and preventing roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, and tapeworm, including hydatid tapeworm. When used monthly, Milpro prevents heartorm. Two milpro tablets are given once a month for adult dogs weighing >25-50kgs to prevent and control intestinal worms and heartworm. The once a month regime is recommended for dogs who are not receiving the annual heartworm injection.

These 24 tablets are a yearly supply of intestinal worming and heartworm prevention for dogs 6 months and older weighing >25-50kg.  

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