Symptoms of Arthritis in Pets

It’s important to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of arthritis in your pet as it can be a source of chronic pain which will negatively affect their quality of life.

The most common sign of arthritis is limping. Other common signs are your pet may be slow and stiff after lying down for awhile or sleeping but them seem to warm up after moving around for a bit.

Other signs include reluctance to jump, difficulty rising, muscle atrophy, stiffness, licking of joints, and lethargy.

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Causes and Management of Arthritis

Age is a key cause of arthritis, but it can also be due to cartilage defects that can show up in young dogs.

Previous injuries, diabetes, being overweight, and poor nutrition can also be factors in developing arthritis.

Large breed dogs, like Labradors and German Shepherds, also have a genetic predisposition to develop joint disease in their hips and elbows.

Management options include weight management, NSAID’s, arthritis injections, nutraceuticals and other pain relief and natural therapy options.

Contact Dr. Kerri so she can personalize an arthritis management plan for your pets specific needs.

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