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Pet Essentials and Travel Kit

Our Pet Essentials and Travel Kit has all the essentials that you will need for your pet around the house or on the road. Every product in our convenient kit has been hand picked by Dr Kerri. Dr Kerri felt driven to develop this kit so pet owners can have all the essentials in one convenient place and so that each body system of their pet gets the care that it deserves. The kit contains a mini first aid kit, grooming and travel essentials, as well as essentials for skin, fur, ear and dental health. Each kit comes inside a sturdy, stylish and versatile charcoal fold out hanging travel bag.

Contents of the kit include:

Grooming essentials- medium sized pet nail clippers, grooming pet brush, aloveen shampoo, oticlean ear flush, 

• Travel essentials- Slip lead, compostable poo bags, portable collapsible pet bowl, 

• Mini first aid kit- non latex gloves, antiseptic wipes, 2x 10ml sterile saline flush, 10 x guaze pieces, paw vet wrap, tick removers x 3, 

• Dental care- veterinary recommended pet toothpaste and pet toothbrush, and the final component of the kit is yummy hypoallergenic duck treats to positively reinforce your pets behaviors while using the products of the kit on them.  

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