Paralysis Ticks

The Australian Paralysis Tick, Ixodes holocyclus, is found in the bushy coastal regions of Eastern Australian and is a parasite most likely to affect native mammals, livestock and pets.

Paralysis ticks can attach on any area of your pet; however, they are more likely to attach on the front half of your pet. The tick’s saliva contains a toxin that causes muscle weakness which then leads to paralysis.

Common symptoms of tick paralysis:

  • incoordination
  • weakness especially in the back legs
  • Inability to stand or walk
  • Vomiting/retching
  • Change of bark or meow
  • Difficulty breathing

Tick paralysis is progressive and potentially fatal and should be treated as soon as the animal shows symptoms of tick paralysis. If you find a tick on your pet pull it off straight away and seek treatment ASAP. This will required IV treatment at a veterinary surgery.

The good news is this disease is totally preventable!

Contact us today so Dr. Kerri can make sure your pet is protected from this year round deadly parasite in QLD.

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Fleas and Intestinal Worms

Fleas are tiny brown external parasites that infest the skin of dogs and cats.  One of the first signs of flea infestation is that your pet will be scratching and seem quite irritated.  Some pets are allergic to fleas and one bite can set off a horrible reaction leading to very itchy weepy sores.  It is very easy for dogs to get fleas if they aren’t on proper prevention, as flea eggs can lay dormant for long periods of time in the lawn or carpet and fleas can jump astonishingly long distances.

Our pets can also be infected with a range of intestinal parasites or worms.  These parasites can cause lethargy, weight loss, diarrhea or vomiting.  Some of these or potentially zoonotic, meaning that they can be passed from animal to human.  There are many highly effective products that prevent fleas, ticks and parasites in one tablet. Contact us today so Dr. Kerri can make sure you and your pets are covered and safe.


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