Signs of Heartworm

Early signs in dogs could be dry cough, shortness of breath and lethargy. As the disease progresses, breathing becomes more difficult and the abdomen may swell with fluid. If left untreated, it is highly fatal and treatment isn’t without risk. Prevention is the best option.

Cats usually show few clinical signs. Unfortunately sudden death is more common in cats as it only takes one to two heartworms in cats to become potentially fatal.

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Preventing Heartworm

Prevention for Dogs: The most effective and convenient prevention against heartworm is a yearly injection. This can be given from 12 weeks of age and the boosted at 6 months. This method has a reach back to prevent heartworm if your pet was exposed as a very young puppy.

Prevention in cats: Tablets or spot on preventions are the best products available for cats. Some of these also prevent intestinal worms and fleas.

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